About Us

The Mass Phoenix organization plans to build on the storied football accomplishments of the teams who preceded them at Historic Doyle Field.

With local ownership, we bring several decades of business and management experience to the table and we feel the organization will be well positioned for a long and successful run of its own.

The partners in the group are Thurlow deHorsey and John Kiedaisch each bringing years of coaching and organizational experience to the team.

Mass Phoenix

The team’s mission will be simple: To provide an opportunity for local men to continue their football careers while supplying the local fan base with a high level of athletic entertainment at a reasonable cost.

We are also extremely aware of our responsibility to give back to the communities from whom we get our support. We intend to accomplish this in three steps:

First, support of youth sports! We’ll start by offering aid to local teams in the form of coaching aid. Our coaching staff and players will make themselves available to area organizations to assist the Youth, Pop Warner and even High school coaches in teaching proper Safety and Football techniques. We also intend to offer greatly reduced ticket prices for our young fans.

Second, we’ve set a personal goal to work with area Women’s groups to work toward the eradication of Breast Cancer during the month of October.

And, lastly, because much of the ownership group has personal knowledge of the sacrifices made by and the dedication of our Armed Forces and Veterans groups, we intend to dedicate our support to recognizing these people and supporting their activities.

With these objectives to motivate us and the goals we’ve set for ourselves, we feel confident we can make significant contributions to the surrounding communities while giving us the chance to build lasting friendships and have a “GREAT DEAL of FUN”!!!